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2024 Grassy Lake Inaugural Frozen Genetic Sale

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A commitment to raising the best Brangus cattle in the business is at the root of Grassy Lake Cattle Company.

After a career as homebuilder, Randy Malouf, the owner, realized a dream he'd had since he was a teenager--to own a ranch and raise cattle.

Knowing he was late to a game that relies heavily on established reputations and word-of-mouth, Randy had to focus on raising first-class cattle, and built his Brangus seedstock cowherd on that premise.

In 2009, when Randy and his wife, Gina, bought the ranch they call the Grassy Lake place on the Navasota River in south-central Texas, Randy knew what he wanted in cattle--heat tolerance, high fertility, good growth, and carcass merit. He also knew that was a tall order.

Randy did extensive research on Brangus cattle. That was the foundation he wanted, for their heat tolerance and the fertility offered by the heterosis of the Brahman-Angus cross.

After diving deeply into the EPDs of Brangus cattle families, searching for productive, consistent, successful offspring and coming up with a very specific ideas of what he was looking for in his cowherd, Randy realized his neighbor and long-time acquaintance at Mound Creek Ranch had some of the best Brangus cattle in the country.

So Grassy Lake Cattle Company looked there for their genetic foundation, and have continued building with sires like MC Five Star 541G30, MC Sho Boat 313H18 and MC Santiago 541H30.

Grassy Lake Cattle Company is focusing on producing bulls and females that will be an asset to any Brangus herd, and will also offer embryos and semen. Randy’s goal is to raise cream-of-the-crop cattle that will elevate any Brangus or Ultrablack cattle program.

Randy and Gina love the challenge of raising the best cattle they can, and providing a place for their grandkids to come visit and play in the woods.

The difference is in the way we breed.